I deleted this for a reason I don't remember. I missed all the cock, pussy, and kinky things I saw, so I'm back again.

Secret sex blogger.
Love BDSM, I'm a switch.

I'm here 'cause I want to get your pussy as wet as possible, and your cock as hard as possible. Some call me "Classy", others call me "Nasty". The choice is yours.
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BR> Thought I should mention, I only meet up with females in the LA area. I'm in a relationship with a male right now, and he's open to me fucking females (out of his view). So, if you're a female in the area and you like what you see...

1st July 2011

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I’ll be under her to catch her lady juice as she squirts.

I’ll be under her to catch her lady juice as she squirts.

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